Graffitti on the Great Wall of China

Graffitti on the Great Wall of China

Friday, July 16, 2010

Some Lists

Five Very Ordinary Things that I Hate to Do
1. Having to return library books
2. Going to the dentist
3. Watching any kind of sport
4. Waking up early
5. Going to a bar

(Eddie Izzard sums it up well I think)

Five Very Cool Places I got to Visit
1. A Buddhist monastery in China
2. Monet's Garden in France (The water lillies Japanese Bridge painting? there.)
3. Albuquerque, New Mexico at three in the morning
4.The Washington Memorial in the middle of a HUGE antiwar rally
5.The Shore of Lake Superior in the middle of the night in January

Five Things that Always Make Me Laugh
1.Talking to T.
2.Talking to J.M.
3.Aqua Teen Hunger Force
4.Talking about our college days with A.
5.Conservative politics

Five Things I am Very Excited About
1.My Niece!
2.N.'s graduation
3.Enrolling in Graduate School
4.Going a vacation with N. (soon I hope!)
5.Moving somewhere new (nothing wrong with here, I just like to move to new places)

Five Things that Annoy Me
1.The sound of Styrofoam
2.People that cry about abused animals but complain about people who need welfare (I cry about the animal commercials too though)
4.Being almost albino and having to wear sunscreen almost year round.
5.The fallacious notion that verbosity connotates intellect, and the multitudes who imbue all conversations with a string of multisyllabic phrases in order to appear erudite. In other (simpler) words, people who think that using big words means you are a smart person.

If you are more concerned with the length of the word you are using than you are with the meaning, you will be hard to understand, your writing will suck and people will think that you are pretentious dick.

Five is my fav. number and I just made five lists of five, so that's all for today

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