Graffitti on the Great Wall of China

Graffitti on the Great Wall of China

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

An Incredibly Romantic Story (Where I am a Jerk)

So the other day, N. and I were enjoying our first day off together in like 35 years (or two weeks, whatever). We were flipping through netflix and I said that since we were having A-Romantic-Day-Together, I was going to make him watch lovey-dovey movies all day. He laughed and said "Yeah right, you hate romance."

I pretended to be insulted until I remembered that it is true, in a way. I’m not a fan of traditional things like roses, Sleepless in Seattle type movies and novels of shirtless men clutching fainting, women wearing bodices. My idea of romance is more like using my scrabble tiles to spell out lewd innuendo while suggestively leering at him (‘cause I’m ladylike like that). So anyway, that reminded me of this story where N. was being super romantic and I was a jerk.

This story happened about two years ago on the night that we were taking down the Christmas tree in our, teeny tiny apartment in Superior. I’d come home from a day of spending Xmas gift cards at the mall and N. suggested that we take down the tree.

I, being lazy as usual, tried to convince him that we would do it another day. He persisted until finally I was like, fine whatever we’ll take the tree down (side note this happened at the very end of January so really it wasn’t like he was being a nutjob). So he put on some classical music, got out the boxes and got started. Being my usually ADD self, I was all over the place finding other stuff to do because I didn’t feel like wrapping up ornaments.

He kept asking me to at least come over and do a few. I would do a couple and then get distracted by the internet or my phone and then when they were just about done I decided that the least I could (literally it was the least possible I could do because he’d done the rest) was to pick up the tinsel off the carpet.

He asked me to stop what I was doing so that I could come take one of the ornaments off the tree. I was all crabby and said just put it in a box. He said he wasn’t sure if it went in my stuff or his. I told him to do whatever he wanted with it. He said, again, that I should just come do it. I said, again in a louder and more annoyed voice, just put it where ever, I am TRYING to pick up this tinsel. He asked me again so I got up, went to the tree to pull off the ornament and put it in the box and saw…

My engagement ring hanging from the tree…and promptly felt like an a*hole. He got down and one knee and did the whole lovely love thing. Luckily he is a wonderful BF (not a crabby a*hole like me) so he laughed about it. Ahh, love.

Anyway, that was a bit of a random story but I wanted to take a day off from politics. I watched a half-hour of fox news last night and it gave me some good ideas for stuff that I want to write about. Btw, there was a reason I was watching fox news specifically but I’ll explain that later when I write the post, I needed to explain that because I don’t even want internet strangers to think that I would watch that channel to get the actual news. However, it also annoyed me so much that if I try and think about it right now my head might explode, so instead you got a love story. Lucky you.


  1. I heart you and this story, and am now a follower I look forward to more blogs, love it even if you are not the lovy dovy type

  2. Lol. That is still...the sweetest story ever! =) If only...*sigh*


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