Graffitti on the Great Wall of China

Graffitti on the Great Wall of China

Thursday, July 22, 2010

No Babies and Googling Myself.

So at work today, another of my coworkers announced her pregnancy. There were a bunch of us sitting around and after the round of congratulations, they started talking about how, now that she is pregnant, everyone there is a mommy. Then they looked at me and were like, "oh yeah except for you. When are you going to get started on that?" Awkward.

Right now my sister is pregnant, one of my close friends is pregnant, most of my other friends have babies and every time I go on facebook, all I see are pictures of my friends’ babies or ultrasound pictures. And I am constantly being asked when I’m going to have one. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t in a rude way necessarily, except for maybe my grandma who asks me all the time if she is going to be a great-grandma before she dies. She asked N. this once, when him and I were going to have a baby…that happened the first time she met him, after we’d been dating for about a month. Thanks Grandma. That should hopefully subside a bit now that my little sister is going to have one.

Everyone else my age seems to be going through some huge maternal fixation. Most of the ones that don’t have babies want one really, really bad. They get all weepy when we walk past the baby outfit aisle and already have a list of names picked out for when the day comes. I’m not saying I don’t think about those things sometimes, but then I remember that I can barely remember to feed my cat and how usually don’t think to check how much gas I have in my car until that little low fuel light comes on. I’m not sure, cause I don’t have kids, but I am pretty sure that they don’t have a "Check Diaper" light.

Anyway, back to my original point, is it really so weird not to be reproducing at 24? It’s not like I don’t like little kids, I do. I love hanging out with my friend’s little boy and I cannot wait for my niece to be born. I just don’t want one of my own yet. There’s just so much I want to accomplish before I have a kid like graduate school and traveling and finally beating that xbox game I’ve been playing for the last few weeks…. you know, important things.

Side Note: You know that kid cartoon Veggie Tales, about the talking Jesus produce? I googled myself today (which sounds like something filthy but is really just narcissistic) and found out the "Not Quite Stienbeck" will pull up stuff about one of their movies. If anyone is curious if that is why I named my blog this, the answer is no. I named it this because I love John Stienbeck (and also because was taken)


  1. ARGH! This post just made my intentionally empty uterus start raging. I tell people that I just couldn't dry out for the whole 9 months of pregnancy. It works pretty well.

    People in your family will quit bothering you (or maybe just bother you less) when your sister's spawn comes out. It worked for me.

  2. It's like you took the words right out of my mouth. Though the only one really hassling me about it right now is my little sister, and she's just saying that because she wants Easter to "be fun again." Which I'm pretty sure means she wants my parents to buy some good candy every year and give it to her. I can't argue with her logic.

    I'd written like 2 or 3 additional comments to put here and NONE are socially acceptable, at all, anywhere. I'm too judgmental and bitter to be part of this type of debate. Basically what I am saying is that my uterus certainly doesn't ache for a baby, but I do envy the people who have reached that kind of stable place in their lives, while I still eat Cheezits for dinner.


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