Graffitti on the Great Wall of China

Graffitti on the Great Wall of China

Monday, June 14, 2010

My Cat vs. Other People’s Babies. Plus, Socially Inappropriate Coworker Rant.

There seems to be about three main types of blogs on blogspot.
A.) Artists/small business owners
B.) Moms updating the universe on their babies
C.) Spanish. (I know that isn’t a topic but there are a lot written in Spanish, which is cool, but I can’t speak it so, even though some look pretty interesting, I don’t get much out of them)

I don’t really fit into any of those categories. But the mom and baby ones kind of annoy me. Just a little. I think it is because all my friends are having kids right now. Every time I am on the phone with one of them it is a constant refrain of "oh my god, he’s so cute he just walked/talked/laughed/rolled over etc. You need to come see him he is so cute and so big. Yes you are! Yes you are!"(<-- All this convo is done in a baby voice and clearly more directed at kid than me.) I get that they are excited, but I really have nothing to add to the conversation since I have no kids so I just feel like I keep repeating myself "awe, wow that’s amazing…"

I think I am just going to start talking about my cat, subtly work it in there like it ranks on the same level as their baby, "Awe your kid just said Mama for the first time! How cute! That reminds me of my cat, he was so cute the other day he threw up…right on my socks! Yes you did! All over my clean socks, you need to come see him he is getting so big, yes you are! Yes you are! "

Side note,

Just got home from work. Very quiet night as usual. My job gets me down sometimes but then I remember that I am able to assist disabled individuals which is super rewarding…and then watch Chelsea Lately when they are asleep, which also very rewarding but in a different way. I love my job but I am so glad I work alone. I can barely even handle the slightest interaction I have with my coworkers during the shift change.

Take today for example. I get into work and my coworker starts telling me how her toilet at home is broken from her boyfriend doing something gross. She explained it in detail though. Then she told that if she had to use the bathroom that she had to do it before she left work, you know, because her toilet is broken. Otherwise she would have to drive to the gas station in the middle of the night and needed to…well you get the idea.I was so eff-ing stoked she let me in on all that info.

Since it’s socially unacceptably to cover my ears yelling "I can’t hear you LALALA" and also pretty unacceptable to punch someone in the head until they promise never to mention their digestion problems to you again, I just politely nodded and then quickly made up an excuse to leave the room. I don’t get it though. Never, Under any circumstances, ever do I want to know about what someone else does in the bathroom. Much less stories about what their significant other does. Or anyone else they know. Ever. Not to mention the fact that she talk (this is all the time, not just when she is telling me gross stuff) about a billion decibels louder than anyone in the world needs to speak.

Ugh, frustration. I am clearly NOT a people person.

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