Graffitti on the Great Wall of China

Graffitti on the Great Wall of China

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Here are some random ramblings

1. I’ve become addicted to surfing through blogspot and reading strangers’ blogs. Most of them I just skip over (especially the ones about people’s babies, their businesses or art ones) but there are a few I have found myself reading like they are a novel. I’ve decided that there are a lot of single women who blog about dating and it is all very Bridget Jones-ish. Interesting though. It makes me super glad that I have a guy who is funny, affectionate, a genius and very respectful…also glad I found a guy that is not chauvinistic and doesn’t expect me to do the household chores just because I am the person in the relationship who wears a bra.

2. I graduated from college a year ago (crazy!) and I have been feeling very nostalgic for my friends from school and the town of Superior in general. Scratch that, I have been feeling nostalgic for Lake Superior and Duluth, the only way that I could feel nostalgic for the actual town of Superior is if I loved bars and boarded up businesses…which I don’t. But I do miss the group of girls I used to live with in the dorms, even though I have lost touch with some of them…on the other hand there are still a few that I talk every few days. I also REALLY miss being politically active (I haven’t been able to find anything political to do around here except for a few postings about democrat functions and I’d rather do nothing at all then hang out with people who didn’t get it) and the people I used to hang out with in that whole period in my life. It makes me bummed out that during the last few years of school, I lost touch with a lot of those people and now I have to resort to lengthy rambling blog posts (like the one about Afghanistan and the other one about trying to find a job) just to get all my annoyances at the way the world works out of my system. And of course I miss N.’s family (he is originally from Superior so when we lived there we had a whole extended family thing in the area).

3. I think I should go on that show intervention for my extreme Diet Coke addiction. I just read the list of ingredients and the only ones I recognize on there are carbonated water and caffeine. I feel that it is not an especially healthy drink. I don’t eat or drink dairy products because I am freaked out about what is in them but I guzzle down about five of these cans of tooth decaying chemicals every day. But I know myself, I still probably won’t stop.

4. I am going to find out in about a week if I am going to have a niece or a nephew! I am so excited, I am not ready to have kids for a few years but now I will have a little person to buy adorable outfits for and read all my favorite kid’s books to. This kid is going to be the first grandkid on our side and on his or her dad’s side, so everyone is pretty excited.

5. Two more days and I get to go home to my parents’ houses. My dad is moving and he called to ask if N. would come down and help him move furniture. I think that my dad is pretty psyched that he now has other guys in the family and I am hoping that while they are moving the piano and large appliances I will get to hang out with my sisters. Fun fun.

Well, that’s enough random thoughts for now, its time for me to go to bed…

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